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The sourcing of Ethically, Fair-trade scarves


Cotton drying over the souques

Returning to the source of where it all began, where even if the sun does not shine the heat of the air remains warming my soul, and making walking the streets of Marrakech that extra hard.

I am here to work on the new collection of bags, scarves and jewellery.

Since arriving, I have been a busy bee trying to find the best fair-trade and ethically sourced and made materials/goods/suppliers without the use of chemicals of any kind. This would not be that hard if I was just sourcing for me alone or if I did not have the exact idea of what I want.

Finding natural cotton dyed with natural (no use of chemicals at all), was quite hard as everywhere I turned it seemed that the cotton was natural but not the colour.

Not giving up the search continued, and after talking to numerous people I finally found someone (Mustafa) willing to take me to the cooperative where I could source my beloved light and full of colour scarves. Walking through the tiny streets I could see a hint of what was coming, there was wool and cotton hanging all across the streets, which made the way there quite phenomenal as it was a good sign they had what I was looking for.Natural cotton drying

Inside the cooperative there were hundreds of scarves to go through, and hundreds of colours to choose from, the possibilities are endless there. Making the choosing more complex than what I first anticipated.

Scarves cooperative

To be fair what I had in mind was actually working with the woman involved, and not only learn with them but get acquainted with who is actually making my scarves. This unfortunately did not happen on the first meeting with the “boss man”. I am keeping positive that before I leave he will allow me to spend quality time with the ladies behind this beauties, as he assured me that all the products were ethically and that followed the rules of fair trade I have set myself, however how can I be sure if I am not allowed to meet them?

I will be very persistent however taking into account that I am a woman trying to do “business” in a men’s world.

All of this is part of the process though, which makes my journey more interesting.

During the next few days I will be searching for other fair-trade Cooperatives in the hope of meeting the actual artisan. However, I do understand that they are not used to “do business” with woman, especially one that asks loads of questions about the origins of their beloved products.

I will be continuing this journey and letting you know all about it.