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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fashion – Part 2

Out of curiosity, I went through my wardrobe and I was almost ashamed. I realised that pretty much everything I have is made from a synthetic blend, I asked my sister to check hers and the same thing. We were in shock!


I have been searching for natural/organic fabrics and clothing for a very long while now. What I have noticed is that going eco-friendly when it comes to fashion is quite a task. Taking into account the price difference between organic textiles and synthetic ones.

Not only that, the range of clothing available is not very inspiring to the fashion forward ones, In fact I will dare to say that the collections I have come across are  a wee bit boring.

Being a strong believer that it is up to each one us to make a change, and considering the textile industry will continue making synthetic fabrics. We will carry on buying clothing made from it, and I will continue to recycle the unwanted pieces.


I have noticed is that clothing made from organic natural textiles is very costly, so I am trying to come up with the best solution for this.

For now I will stick with the recycling fabrics from end of roll pieces, charity shops, unwanted clothes, unwanted curtains I pretty much grab any new looking fabric. I am a fabric hoarder. The pieces I will not use I recycle, so they can be made into something else (other fibres…)


This is not my ideal situation but, it is what I can do for now. Until I am able to invest on the search and purchase of my desired organic/natural fabrics.


Majority of fabrics used in the fashion industry are not organic, and it is our duty to make sure we re-use them; as well as using a more sustainable way of creating clothing and accessories

Check out this well know brand making a stand too, I was surprised.


So, my question to all of you is, have you checked what your clothes are made of?

In that case I would challenge you to check and to share with me your thought on the subject. I am really interested in knowing.

To conclude this post I will  share with you some basic ideas shared by some very well know fashion designers, such as Dame Vivienne Westwood (a personal favourite, I would LOVE to get to meet her). In the below video link you will find the solution to clothing waste, and therefore sustainable and echo-friendly.

Another designer is Eileen Fisher, check out this interview:


I could continue talking about eco-friendly fashion all day, and the enormous amount of inspiring people out there. But what I really want to tell you all, is the world is constantly changing and consequently so are we (the world’s inhabitants).

Thinking of ways to make our world a better place, taking good care of it is the key for a brighter future, and this is not only in fashion but in life itself. We have become a society thriving in consumerism, not so much making but just buying. I was like that not that long ago, I still have urges to just buy buy buy.

It is all about the willingness to want change… Do you?