My passion for colour, quality, shapes in unique pieces, all things natural and craftsmanship.

My name is Arlete and I am the designer, the maker, the thinker at Dare.

From a very young age I made things for myself.  Ideas I thought only existed in my head. Well, that is how it all started. I grew up changing, re-vamping clothes I didn’t like into something I would be happy to wear. Embracing a quirky, tantalising look has always been my thing.

My love for leader bag making and carving began in Marrakech few years ago. where I made a few bags with artisans. I fell in love with the craftmanship with the texture, the smoky smell.

Dare By Arlete combines a strong ethical philosophy with an equally uncompromising focus on style. Rather than fashion-fad, one-season wonders, Arlete’s products are designed to be long-wearing, versatile pieces that translate from day to night and season to season.

Our collections are handmade in Arlete’s studio in Oxford.

All handbags including the one off pieces are based on set designs, however as the materials are recycled we aim to maintain the design of each piece by creating them with different colour, texture and textile materials.

All our fabrics are recycled, or reclaimed.

The leather used is also recycled, and UK or Portugal vegetable tanned leather if sourced new.

All our Scarves are made with natural cotton, silk or wool. We will be using recycled fabric, or natural organic fabrics for future collections.

Dare by Arlete will create and showcase a lovingly curated selection of intriguing and gorgeous fashion accessories, in turn we hope that you enjoy and cherish them too.

Our Mission

My Mission is not only to show the quality, quirkiness and uniqueness of each product I create, but also to help those involved in the making of some of the products.

I want to embrace the traditional methods used in all of the products, the quality of each material, the environment and above all quality over quantity.

I want to embrace the ethics of creating each product, I want to embrace the skills necessary to hand-make every piece. But most important of all I want to do my best to make Dare a brand that provides sustainable, eco-friendly beautiful pieces , all handcrafted.

I strive to make Dare by Arlete that believes in Eco-fashion, I want to be part of the “circular production model” not the fast-fashion

We also welcome ideas, as we are able to tailor make your bag or jewellery piece. If you have ideas contact us and share your thoughts. We can make it possible!

For information on tailored made products or “I wish” products contact us: enquiries@darebyarlete.com