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It’s all about the bags


Berber pharmacy showing fabric and leather dye

Meeting honest people that are not just trying to get the maximum amount of money out of me is a rare event in Marrakech, but one has to stay positive and embrace the banter that this creates. Taking into account that it is not my first but forth visit to this enchanted city. Continue reading It’s all about the bags

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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fashion – Part 2

Out of curiosity, I went through my wardrobe and I was almost ashamed. I realised that pretty much everything I have is made from a synthetic blend, I asked my sister to check hers and the same thing. We were in shock!


I have been searching for natural/organic fabrics and clothing for a very long while now. What I have noticed is that going eco-friendly when it comes to fashion is quite a task. Taking into account the price difference between organic textiles and synthetic ones. Continue reading Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fashion – Part 2

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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly fashion – Part 1



During this past week I intensified my research on ethical, eco-friendly fashion, in which I am not only interested, but trying my best to make a business/brand based on it.

For me being an eco-friendly kind of lady does not only stay with the house stuff. I am becoming a lot more aware that within the fashion industry, being eco-friendly and sustainable is not as easy as it seems. Continue reading Sustainable, Eco-Friendly fashion – Part 1

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So… After having a lovely afternoon taking loads of photos of myself modelling, I realised that I did indeed take some  nice workable photos.

Blue Silk Scarf Blue Silk Scarf wrap Red Silk Scarf

Not bad… Thank you sunshine for showing me your lovely smile, that resulted in me having some images to add the beautiful Silk Scarf’s to our fantastic new collection. Continue reading What?

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More photos

Today I took more photos… Quite excited as I always find it hard to put in practice what I have in my mind when it comes to the image of the product I create.

I enjoy, in fact I love making things! the bit I find slightly hard is switching from the sewing to the visualising it in a certain way so I can take photos to show you… a simple enough process, I know, it is still challenging… Continue reading More photos