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A new beginning

Hello world,

I am quite new at this blog thing, what I can say is that I will give it my best (all I can do really) to share with you my journey. I hope you enjoy every moment with me.

OK, so when I decided to open Dare by Arlete I didn’t know at all anything about how to do it, really. I just really love to create, anything from everything.

Over the years, I collected stuff (hundreds of buttons, 10 boxes of fabric and unwanted clothes, shells, old semi-precious jewellery, 2 boxes of magazines, 3 boxes of newspaper and other bits). Those closest to me saw it as junk… but oh nooooo, for me it was precious, it would come in handy one day… that day!

So here we are… cutting a very long story very short, I will share what I have learned, and I will share my ideas…